Current Issue:Vol.1، No.2،autumn and winter 1397،page9-234
The Issue of Criminal Protection of Relatives’ Alimony
page  9 -  28
Ali Morad Heidari ، Maryam Haji Zade
Evaluation of International Legislative Criminal Policy of Terrorism Prosecution with Resort to Universal Jurisdiction
page  29 -  78
Hojjat Allah Sabzevarinegad ، Peyman Namamian
Vagueness in the Abrogation of Attempting to Commit Special Crimes(In light of the criminal policy of Islamic Penal Code ratified in 1392)
page  79 -  108
Ebrahim Bateni
Criminological and Islamic Jurisprudential Analysis of sexual violence against women with an emphasis on criminal psychology in light of international documents and conventions
page  109 -  136
Saeed Sheykh ، Mohamad Sadegh Jamshidi Rad
The Criminal Responsibility of Military Commanders within International Humanitarian Law
page  137 -  170
Seyyed Hesamodin Lesani ، Marzie Mirzajani
Compensation for victims of International crime In light of "the Principles and Guidelines of United Nations 2005"
page  171 -  201
Ahmad Reza Tohidi
Discretionary Punishment Rule for all Sinful Acts in the light of Iranian Legislative Policy
page  203 -  234
Hojjat Allah Fathi
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