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Current Issue:Vol.1، No.1،spring and summer 2018،page1-305
Plurality and repetition in sextual offense crimes
page  49 -  74
Mohammad Rasool Ahangaran ،
The islamic penal code's approach to discretionary punishment in crimes against persons
page  75 -  96
Adel Sarikhani Sarikhani ،
Obstacles of the application of the principle of legality in the statute of the international criminal court
page  97 -  126
The legislative policy of Iran about the regulation of "Al-tazir dun al-had"
page  127 -  149
Theoretical bases of legislation authority in I.R. Iran's law
page  151 -  174
Reflections on the criteria for punishment setting
page  175 -  206
Criminal policy & growth of investment
page  9 -  48
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